Most of His Clients are Impressed by Kevin Gleaton

March 21, 2021
Kevin Gleaton

It is no exaggeration to say that Kevin C. Gleaton has performed a wide variety of marketing roles in his career, and he claims he his grateful for everything he has learned. Kevin Gleaton now has a unique perspective on marketing that makes him invaluable to his clients because he is able solve virtually any problem. And because he is now accustomed to meeting all types of complex business challenges. He has served on the front lines in the digital media space for many years now, to the point that he is familiar with almost any scenario.

From the perspective of most of his clients, Kevin Gleaton is capable of translating even the most complex, digital concepts into conversational English. That is why he is able to train his associates and educate others to better understand marketing concepts. He likes to take traditional marketing concepts and turn them into real, tangible actions that drive excellent results. Kevin prides himself on being both an early adopter of new techniques and technology, as well as a creative thought leader who is capable of embracing new ideas.

Above all, Kevin Gleaton considers himself as someone who believes in a life well-lived. That is why he always checks his ego at the door and does everything he can to benefit his clients, not just himself. He feels he is most effective when he is working with smart people who are empowered to drive product vision and strategy. His education in electrical engineering and computer science has provided him with a passion for innovation in the marketing field, as well as a tendency to employ creative problem solving to any situation.

Kevin Gleaton and digital marketing

December 18, 2020
Kevin C. Gleaton

Although Kevin Gleaton’s skill set spans the gamut of communications strategies and tactics, his primary focus is on digital marketing. Gleaton has worked in marketing automation and digital marketing for more than 18 years, becoming increasingly passionate about small business owners and entrepreneurs who want to tackle new media projects.

Kevin Gleaton often finds himself on the front lines of digital marketing, refining his skills in order to translate complex, digital concepts into conversational language. He then strives to turn that language into measurable results for clients. He’s an early adopter of digital technologies and using the digital landscape to market businesses.

For those who do not know, digital marketing includes social media, landing pages, websites, search engine optimization (SEO), email marketing, search engine marketing (SEM), lead scoring and much more. It’s the online footprint of marketing and communications. It’s also critical to a business’ success in this internet-heavy society. Marketing automation, in contrast, is the technology that allows companies to streamline or automate its marketing tasks and workflows, thereby simplifying the process and making it more effective. Kevin Gleaton’s expertise focuses strongly on these areas and he often couples them with other communications endeavors such as brand marketing, public relations and coaching.

Kevin C. Gleaton is a Marketing Specialist Who Gets the Job Done

September 21, 2020
Kevin C. Gleaton

One thing marketing specialist Kevin Gleaton can tell you after 18 years of very impressive marketing success is that the use of effective marketing to inspire a particular behavior has never found greater difficulty. An individual's success in the marketing field has never been harder, which means success has never been more important and harder-earned. That is why Kevin has slowly become a tireless advocate for small businesses, especially new entrepreneurs and start-ups

Kevin C. Gleaton has been a specialist in the digital marketing field, primarily in the field of marketing automation. It is no exaggeration He truly enjoys that field because it seems to help a lot of people and a lot of companies make connections among one another. In the 18 years he's spent in the world of marketing. He has worked hard, to the point that he's become a reliable expert in marketing at just the right time. When marketing reaches its most difficult stage, Kevin C. Gleaton is the right guy to help you cut through the fog.